Henne Color Henna Hair Colouring Powder - Copper 100g

Henne Color Henna Hair Colouring Powder - Copper 100g

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Brand : Henne Color
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Henne Color Henna Hair Colouring Powder - Copper 100g

A henna hair colouring powder that is made with a blend of natural henna, neutral henna and small amounts of black henna. The powder is a product you mix up yourself where as the creams we also offer are a pre-mixed solution in a ready to apply bottle. Henna is an oriental shrub known since ancient times for its benefits. It fortifies, gives body to the hair and protects it from harsh weather conditions. Henna is nature's safe means to colour and condition hair, recommended for women who want to free themselves from chemical dyes and bleaches. Used alone or combined with other plants, Henna deepens and highlights the natural hair colour, and improves the general hair health. Unlike chemical hair colourings that penetrate each strand of hair in depth, Henna deposits a film of colour on the hair surface to offer protection as well as body. Because of Henna's surface-tinting property, the final shade will depend on the original colour of the hair. This tone-on-tone effect thoroughly covers troublesome first white hairs.


Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) Leaf Extract.

How to Use


You will need one sachet of Henné Color Henna hair colouring powder, a container and a spoon, one comb, one pair of gloves, a plastic cap and a towel.
Pour the sachet of powder into your container. Add hot water, a drop of Henné Color organic henna Conditioning balm for an optimum result and blend until you obtain a smooth paste. Leave to cool.

Wash your hair with Henné Color neutral organic henna Hair care shampoo with its gentle, silicone-free formula, then wring out your hair. Put on the gloves and place a towel on your shoulders. Apply the paste to the roots, strand by strand, then to the entire head of hair to the tips. Cover your hair with the cap.
Waiting time

Leave on for 40 min to 2 hours depending on the desired colour intensity. The longer the product is left on, the more pronounced the highlights will be.

Lather with warm water and rinse thoroughly to eliminate any traces of paste.
For even greater softness and suppleness, apply a small amount of Henné Color organic henna Conditioning balm and rinse once more with cool water.
Usage precautions:

Henné Color Henna hair colouring powders can be used on any type of hair. They must only be used on hair and not to colour eyelashes or eyebrows.
For external use only.
Depending on how sensitive your skin, certain ingredients can provoke allergic reactions. Carry out a patch test 48 hours before use.
We recommend testing the colour on a single strand before applying to the full head of hair, since the powder reacts differently depending on your initial hair colour, hair texture and any chemical treatments you have had.
You can apply our Henné Color Henna hair colouring powders after hair decolouration, perm or straightening treatments. However, we recommend waiting a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before using it and shortening the waiting time during the first application.
The hair colour acts faster on light hair; having assessed the result on your test strand, reduce the waiting time accordingly.
You can clean any traces left by the hair colour on your skin with soap or lemon juice on a cotton pad.
Only use on healthy scalp (no irritations or wounds). Place out of children's reach.
The powder's colour does not correspond to the result on your hair.
Only use the colour black on black or dark brown hair (the final colour will be at its best after 48 hours).

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