Natural Health Manuka Honey 120+ MGO (mg/kg) - 340g
Natural Health Manuka Honey 120+ MGO (mg/kg) - 340gNatural Health Manuka Honey 120+ MGO (mg/kg) - 340gNatural Health Manuka Honey 120+ MGO (mg/kg) - 340g

Natural Health Manuka Honey 120+ MGO (mg/kg) - 340g

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Brand : Natural Health
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Natural Health Manuka Honey 120+ MGO (mg/kg) - 340g

A thick-set, creamy and smooth Monofloral MGO Manuka Honey from Natural Health, suitable for everyday use.

Getting your daily fix of Manuka Honey couldn't be easier, either take it straight from the spoon, spread it on some toast, add to a smoothie or breakfast cereal or use it as a sweetener in your tea or coffee, but don't forget¦don't add it to boiling water otherwise you're killing off a lot of the enzymes that you're paying for! We recommend that you take between 1 and 3 teaspoonfuls a day, depending on your needs.

Natural Health Manuka Honey is registered with the Vegetarian Society to be safe & compliant with all vegetarian practices, making this product Vegetarian friendly!

Natural Health Manuka Honey is:

  • Pure Natural Manuka Honey from the uncultivated pristine woods of New Zealand.
  • Independently tested to MGO120+ (mg/kg) Methylglyoxal
  • Certified ˜Monofloral' Manuka Honey, as specified in the New Zealand Government Manuka5 scientific definition, guaranteeing authenticity.
  • Vegetarian Society Approved

What makes Manuka Honey so special?
Bees collect nectar from the Manuka Bush a native New Zealand scrub bush, in the forests far away from populated areas which helps to ensure our honey is as pure as possible. The Manuka bush has small white flowers and flowers between December and March each year (depending on weather conditions) which provides the bees with their delicious nectar to make Manuka Honey.

Anecdotally, the native population, the Maori's, use Manuka Honey for a lot of their traditional medicine to help with infections, inflammation and general wellbeing and many Maori tribes are involved in farming and harvesting honey including Manuka Honey, in New Zealand.

Manuka Honey Testing - Independently tested by a New Zealand laboratory, the only laboratories authorised to run the test, Natural Health Manuka Honey tests to the Monofloral criteria, as specified in the New Zealand Government Manuka5 scientific definition.

The Manuka5 scientific definition was introduced by the New Zealand Government's Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) who are responsible for exporting food out of the country, back in February 2018 to determine the authenticity of Manuka Honey. The Manuka5 scientific definition outlines 4 key chemical markers and a DNA pollen marker, that are unique to Manuka Honey and a sample can only be classified as a genuine Manuka Honey with this certificate. Failure to pass any of the 5 key markers on the test results in a failed status, so the Manuka5 test ensures that only genuine Manuka Honey makes the grade.

Natural Health Manuka Honey also tests to 120+ MGO, also known as MGO or Methylglyoxal; a widely recognised testing indicator in the UK.

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