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Our Organic & Raw Wild Oak Honey comes from the amazing mountainous region of Spain (Asturias). It is known to be among one of the honeys high in antioxidant qualities. Flavor is unique - a combination of sophistication and mystery... Most nourishing for the organs when mixed with a glass of water at room temperature first thing in the morning.

Al-Ameen Royal Honey is renowned for its purity and exquisite taste. Al-Ameen sources only the highest quality and most delicious Organic, Raw Honey.

Sourced directly from beekeepers working to the highest ethical standards, our premium honey is produced from remote forests and mountainous regions around the world. The Al-Ameen range of Honeys fully meet all conditions and regulations as established by the European Union for the organic farming sector.

All Al-Ameen Honeys are 100% Pure, unpasteurised, Organic and Raw.

  • Raw, Organic Honey 
  • The best Mother Nature can provide
  • At Al-Ameen Royal Honey we are strong believers in the unrivaled benefits provided by Raw, Organic Honey. That's why we strive to deliver our product as good as nature intended.
  • Ethically sourced from around the world, we work in harmony with the bees who provide us 

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